SaniChoice: Informed Sanitation Technology and System Choice for Planning

SaniChoice is a sanitation technology and system selection tool that is transparent and evidence based. It enables considering a large range of established and novel technologies and system configurations and to compare them to the local conditions. It can be used as a decision support tool for planning or for capacity development.

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How to Use

Understand the key terms, definitions, and methods of SaniChoice and learn how to use the different functionalities. You will also find two videos, a guided tour and the story of Amita, that supports sanitation planning in a growing small town in Nepal. test

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Planning with SaniChoice

The SaniChoice Practitioner's guide provides a five-steps procedure to define the required case data and discuss results with stakeholders. The steps integrate into any structured decision making (SDM) framework such as CLUES, Sanitation21, or City Sanitation Planning.


Training Package

Choose from five presentation, four exercises, and two example session plans to design your SaniChoice training and built up future users.